Who we are

ADCAS Lifescience: A wellness clinic of preventative care and personalised medicine.

ADCAS” is short for ADvance CAre Service. ADCAS is a wellness clinic of advanced personalised health based on life sciences approach. Although genetic algorithm plays a pivotal role in individuals’ health and is unique from one to another, it is not one’s destiny and everyone should take control of his or her own wellbeing though introduction of preventative measures into everyday life. We, ADCAS, pledge to facilitate people by optimising individual’s health and improving quality of life through exploitation of the genetic potentials via modern technologies and concepts such as nutrigenomics.

Our Vision:

To improve quality of life through optimising individual’s health potentials by customising healthcare to individual needs

Our Aims:
To identify the most suitable lifestyle medicine to all our clients
To improve quality of life and wellbeing of all our clients
Our clients are our priority and we put them at the heart of what we do
To provide appropriate service and care to our clients to maximise our impact
Constantly strive for better service by being innovative, professional, and up-to-date with the most current medical advancements.
Our Motto:

For You, We Care