Our Story

How an experience, a dream, a goal, and a vision led to the formation of ADCAS.

Changes in longevity, population demographics and lifestyle are leading to a different set of clinical challenges now compared to those encountered previously. The prevalence of some major life threatening illness/disorders is going to increase with time and environmental changes. Management of these disorders is likely to be beyond the scope of current therapies, both in terms of expenses and long-term survival, as well as long-term stability in expression.

Having educated and trained over a decade in London, United Kingdom and Cambridge, Massachusetts, United Sates, our founder, Dr Alice Lee, saw an attractive and promising healthcare trend in the west by incorporating preventative care and medicine in everyday life to improve quality and standard of wellbeing. She strongly believes in “Prevention is better than cure”. Hence, how we are today is a reflection of how we lead our daily life, may it be diet, lifestyle, stress, surroundings etc.

In 2004-2014, Dr Alice Lee was exposed and intrigued with the concept and beauty of Genetics science while she was based in several hospitals such as Guy’s, St Mary’s, Hammersmith, and Royal Free Hospital, UK. She believes that, by having the “blue print”, everyone is unique based on the genomic makeup, composition, history, and lifestyle. Due to this fact, it explains why majority medical interventions work well for certain individuals but not all as they are designed for the average conditions. Every doctors and medical scientists are well aware that every individual is uniquely different from one another and “one-size-fits-all” approach is no longer applicable. Thus, in recent years, health alliances have been working closely to tailor medical treatments that will work best for the each and every patient.

Advances in medical sciences have led to useful and powerful discoveries whereby the science behind these concepts not only helps to transform how chronic diseases such as cancer are being treated but also how it can be exploited and applied to everyday life to optimise personal health in general. It is healthcare tailored to you and only you.

“In 2015, upon moving back to Malaysia, together with a mentor and board of directors (Dato’ Dr Tengku Rethwan bin Tengku Mansor and Dato’ Zurainah binti Musa), Dr Alice Lee decided to realise her vision and founded ADCAS clinic. She pledges to work hand-in-hand with other experts in the ADCAS team, which comprises both medical doctor and health alliances, to integrate these concepts and to deliver the best individualized services. “For You, We Care” and this is the spirit and main driving force of ADCAS.

Eat right for your type

It is healthcare tailored to you and ONLY you!